Bernard Gaisherik – HR Director at Hollandia

The Lauder Employment Center is a reliable partner! They always help with bridging between young adults and organizations, they bring us the right candidates, and they support professional training that allows me to benefit from high quality human capital.

Tali Amar – HR Director at Morphisec

The Lauder Employment Center is a meeting point for a wide variety of employers around the Negev and the Galilee together with students and graduates from the area, and such, has created a large platform for finding jobs and developing high level human capital, technologies, culture, and quality of life that highlights these areas. I am very happy to take an active role in all of the activities of the LEC as a member of the HR Directors Forum, as a participant in professional workshops that help to develop tools and to foster knowledge sharing that helps to advance the professional conversation, and also as a mentor of the LEC Internship Program for students at our company, Morphisec. All of these are opportunities for networking and developing infrastructure that allows for activity that is based on values and a vision of building the Negev and the Galilee as our future and for generations to come.

Ilana Ginzburg - HR Director at Rezilion

I so appreciate the Lauder Employment Center and the investment they make into turning the Negev into a place with a strong, thriving job market. I am part of the Lauder HR forum - I say this with a lot of pride, too. It has given me so many opportunities for professional development and knowledge sharing, and I feel like I have been able to give it back to the forum, as well. I think that the LEC in Be'er Sheva is a source of light in the area, helping to make economic development in the Negev a possibility.